Evrybo is Free

Perfect for designers working on several projects.

Unlimited number of projects & team members

Add annotations direct on design.

Create mobile, web and watch prototypes.

Animation between each screen in prototype.

Usability Testing

Live preview mobile prototype

Public Share page with simple link, people can give feedback without having Evrybo account perfect for share with clients.

@mention someone in a comment to give them notify.

Activity across all projects

Choose project main/cover image.

Manage shared links.

File versions, see how your design evolved.

Design status, always know status of your design.

Page labels, add custom label for each page.

... and lot more other features!

I love the simple, minimal design, lots of white, not an overwhelming amount of features. Compared to some other alternatives I have tried, it was easy to sign up, bug-free, and easy to use so far.

Linda Naeun Lee UX Designer at Tor Project Inc

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